Pest Control Blog: Eliminating Mice, Cockroaches and the Other PestsPest Control Blog: Eliminating Mice, Cockroaches and the Other Pests

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Pest Control Blog: Eliminating Mice, Cockroaches and the Other Pests

Hi, my name is Susie, and I used to feel like I as a magnet for pests. As soon as I got rid of the fruit flies, the cockroaches would appear. As soon as I got rid of the cockroaches, the mice would appear. It felt like a never-ending cycle until I learned how to deal with each pest in its own way. If you want to learn to eliminate pests from your home forever, you need a foolproof strategy. You need a basic understanding of each type of pest, and you also need to know when to call the pros. Want to learn those tips? Then, explore this blog.


Has A Possum Taken Up Residence In Your Home?

When a possum moves into a residential property, they typically set up house in the roof space. This means you'll know they're there sooner rather than later, as they can be quite noisy. You may be kept awake at night by their scratching and scuttling around, and you may also hear them hissing from time to time. They'll also be urinating in your roof space, so it's common to see staining on the ceiling and to notice a strong ammonia smell. Read More 

Special Tools Used for Effective Termite Inspection

Termites are destructive pests that cost property owners millions of dollars in damages. It is why regular termite inspections are necessary, especially for properties in termite-prone locations. Notably, termite inspections must be thorough because a shoddy job that misses some termite hideouts does not fully address an infestation. It might explain why pest control services need special equipment for thorough termite inspections, especially hidden infestations. This article highlights specialised tools that pest control services use in termite inspections. Read More 

Humane Pest Control Measures For Rodents

Rats and mice are relatively common pests found in residential homes and gardens. Rats typically prefer to nest in the yard, while mice prefer the warm and cosy environment of your home. Rodents can do significant damage to wiring and woodwork, and they can also spread disease, but some householders are reluctant to use pest control methods that are lethal or have the potential to cause suffering. The reasons behind this choice are understandable, but opting for humane pest control methods requires a two-pronged approach to tackle the existing rodent population on your property and deter future populations from setting up in your house or yard. Read More 

6 Ways to Keep Rodents From Taking Over Your School

Schools contain all of the resources that rodents need to survive and thrive. Schools cover large areas, with many rooms, nesting materials and food. Because schools are so hospitable to rodents, a rodent infestation can quickly get out of hand. And because rodents carry so many diseases, this is bad for your school's reputation and for the health of your students. If your school has one too many rodents scurrying around, you need to ensure that you understand exactly what makes your school so inviting to these pests. Read More 

Which Pest Control Measures Are Good for Combatting Termites?

If you suffer from an infestation of any species of insect, then it is usually best to call out a pest control professional to help you get rid of them. Their expert knowledge can be invaluable and help you to remove the pests from your property sooner than would otherwise be the case on your own. Of course, this could also mean that there is less damage that is caused. This is certainly the case with termites since these creatures regularly cause thousands of dollars of damage to residences and commercial properties each year in Australia. Read More